Our Story

TillmanCarlson is one of the leading executive search boutiques in the country.

Founded by Rob Tillman in 2002, the firm has successfully conducted over 400 searches with an enviable track record and an industry leading completion rate of 95% and stick rate of 98%.

The firm prides itself in delivering the personal attention of a boutique and complete access to the market by intentionally limiting the number of search engagements we conduct to just 30 per year.

Kelly Carlson joined Rob Tillman in 2003 and the two work closely together with the support of a passionate and talented team.

Who We Are

TillmanCarlson serves clients across the country in a variety of industries.  

In the large corporate market, the firm is recognized as a leader in the recruitment of CFOs and CIOs and assisting these key leaders in building their teams.

In the vast middle market, the firm continues its focus on the recruitment of CFOs and CIOs while also recruiting CEOs and assisting CEOs in building teams and planning for succession.

TillmanCarlson also has extensive experience working with private equity investors, both within their firms and at the portfolio company level, and deep experience in digital and technology.

How We’re Different

While executive search firms and the process of conducting executive search assignments may appear very similar from firm to firm, TillmanCarlson is unique in three important ways:

1 – TillmanCarlson is highly selective and intentionally limits the number of executive search assignments we conduct every year.  By doing so, we maintain complete access to the market and ensure we have the capacity to do outstanding work.

2 – TillmanCarlson is not constrained by a geographic or industry focus.  As a result, we serve clients across the country in a variety of industries providing wide access to talent and valuable perspective across the market.

3 – TillmanCarlson has expertise in coaching and assessment, and the firm is the very first executive search firm to integrate coaching and assessment in every C-level search.  By doing so, we do more to ensure the success of the key leaders we recruit.

Why it Matters

TillmanCarlson seeks to meaningfully impact the success of the companies and people we serve and strives to be the best team in the industry.  Here are three ways we think it matters to our clients:

1 – We provide our clients with a powerful and focused alternative to the large human capital firms.

2 – Our clients receive the highest service levels and results in the industry evidenced by our 95% completion and 98% stick rates.

3 – We dramatically increase the impact and lower the risks in conducting a senior level search by integrating coaching and assessment.

While other search firms focus on growth and selling additional services, we limit the number of engagements we conduct and we’ve developed the expertise and process to integrate coaching and assessment at no additional cost.

We are focused, experienced, and passionate, and our clients know the difference.

TillmanCarlson – Distinctly Different